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Our unique building is intended for those who are looking for a living environment which is modern and luxurious and at the same time private and one of a kind. In the building at Vana-Viru 13/Aia 4 it is possible to enjoy many services that are a pleasure to the senses. They are offered at a discount to building residents. The Butterfly Lounge is famous for its delicious daily specials and world champion mixologists. In the small building, the Thai Krua Restaurant offers the taste sensations of the orient, while the Thai Rose Spa and Paradiisi Inglid beauty salon will take care of your body.

More about the project

The building has a total of 21 apartments, most of which have exciting lushly
landscaped terraces offering enchanting views of the beautiful Tallinn skyline.

Apartment plans

Expensive and high-quality natural stone materials were used as finishing materials, and the building’s mechanical systems are also first-rate.

Sales and contact information

Pitek Arendus OÜ
Hans Nimmerfeldt

Tel: +372 5341 2286
Vana-Viru 13/Aia 4, Tallinn